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Staying current with marketing trends and trainings is key in the real estate business.  We have two licensed Brokers on staff; Jake Flohr is licensed in both Michigan and Wisconsin, and Nate Nelson is licensed in Michigan.  Our Sales Agents are also licensed in Wisconsin.  Our team continues to develop and grow, seeking higher education and dedication to professional memberships and alliances such as the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association. 

We are always seeking opportunities to expand our knowledge and expertise. We are active in our communities, volunteer, and coach, so we can provide hands-on experience and insight into the communities we present.   We attend area events, frequent local establishments, shop local, and raise our families in these great neighborhoods, and we can’t wait to show you why.


I am a native of Tomahawk.  After moving out of the area for about 12 years, I returned home in 2008 to raise my family.  My wife, Nikki, and I enjoy the four seasons of northern Wisconsin waterskiing, fishing, hunting, downhill skiing, and playing hockey with our two children (Cami and Abe).

 My prior experience, after attending the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, includes working as a commercial project manager for a structural steel company and running the logistics of a large trucking fleet.  Upon returning to Tomahawk, I spent three years as a Sales Executive at Tomahawk Log & Country Homes, before starting my own company.

 In addition to holding a Broker License, I own my own construction company, Flohr Builds, LLC, where I rehabilitate homes.  I enjoy fixing up homes that need a little TLC and making them look new again.  It has been my experience that adjacent homeowners appreciate the improved neighborhood. 

 Whether I am building a clients’ dream home or finding them an existing home, I pride myself in listening and going over every detail that a client would want.  Give me a call, and see how I can help you.


I started in real estate sales on November 26th, 2018, after spending 30 years in residential construction. Long story short, the human body can build for so long before it starts to break down from the daily wear & tear. I appreciate everything about a house, from all the intricacies to the tiniest details, from the concrete to the shingles. I will see your home on a different perspective than most other agents. I know how it all came together, all the steps it takes to get to the final outcome. When it comes to listings, I am more than happy to recommend things that will make your home its most marketable, ultimately getting you the most money possible. With buyers, I am happy to explain possible renovation, or remodeling possibilities, and give you an idea on pricing.

Real estate was such a natural fit for me because it allows me to mostly use my mind and give my body time to repair. I will continue to build, but on a much smaller scale. It’s like the mafia; once you’re in it, you’re in it for life! Whether you are selling or buying, you’ll have my full commitment.

 After my first year as a realtor, I was one of four agents from my previous firm that was awarded Rookie of The Year. New agents eligible for this award consisted of a 100-mile radius from Minocqua. I was also awarded the Bronze Medallion for sales and a third award for receiving all 5-star ratings from clients or customers. I guess I’m most proud of the 5-star rating award as it’s filled out by the people whose lives are impacted from the sale or the purchase of their home. In most cases, it’s their dream you’re helping bring to reality.

 I would like to share my most recent post-closing survey, as it touched me quite a bit because it was from an 84-year-old woman who reminded me of my mom who passed in 2019.


With years of professional experience, it would be my pleasure to put my skills to work for you and assist you with your real estate needs.  After five years in the corrections industry, I learned valuable skills about working with many personality types, as well as negotiations and conflict management.  This has taught me that there is a favorable solution that can be a win/win for each party in all situations.  During my time in corrections, I was promoted twice, and was able to work as a youth counselor and a supervisor of other counselors as well.  The opportunity to assist with new hires on an interview panel helped to further build my communication skills and develop excellent time management skills.

 Those years developed a strong work ethic in me, taught me to understand the importance of rapport in a relationship and follow through, which are crucial in the real estate industry.  What matters to you is what is most important in the process.

Outside of my real estate career, I love to play sports.  Hockey is one of my passions because it has such a strong team environment.  It allows me the opportunity to connect with others on a different level.

It would be my pleasure to take some time to get to know you better and find out how I can help you with your real estate needs.


Hard work and honesty are a way of life for me.  Having been raised on a farm in the Midwest, I always knew I was an entrepreneur at heart.  At 10 years old, I was selling sweet corn on the main street of my hometown and, from there on, I made my way to eventually owning four highly successful companies, serving multiple industries, and forging new relationships on a world-wide basis.  Through all my business accomplishments, I never lost my home-grown roots and, to this day, maintain a cattle farm in my original hometown community.

I now look forward to establishing new relationships in Tomahawk.  The Northwoods have a special place in my heart.  It’s here where I spent countless summers in my youth, exploring the beauty of the Lake Nokomis landscape.  Now you could say I’m truly ‘living the dream’.  The campground I spent my childhood visiting each summer is the location where my wife and I are raising our family and creating memories with our children.  

I’ve always had a passion for real estate.  Since 2004, I’ve been involved in property investment for commercial, residential, and recreational purpose.  I have been blessed to be able to couple my love for real estate with CLC Realty’s work ethic and genuine commitment to serving both current and perspective residents of our community. As a professional REALTOR®, I look forward to putting my passion to work assisting others to realize their real estate dreams.

Whether you’re looking to purchase your dream home, find the perfect site to build a vacation retreat, or locate a hunting haven, give me a call, and I’ll help you find the perfect property.


I am a native of Newberry in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  My wife, Chelsea, and I moved to northern Wisconsin for 10 years before recently moving back to St. Ignace, Michigan.  We enjoy spending time with family and the recreational opportunities northern Michigan offers.

After graduating from Central Michigan University with a degree in education, I pursued and obtained my Certified General Appraisal license.  I currently complete appraisal assignments throughout the Upper Midwest for the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Department of Interior, Wisconsin/Michigan DNR, and numerous conservation organizations.  My passion for real estate made becoming a broker a natural fit.  I currently hold Real Estate Broker’s licenses within Michigan and Wisconsin.  I am also a licensed commercial drone pilot, and I am able to take unique pictures of real estate.  Along with being affiliated with CLC Realty, LLC, I am also a Junior Partner in Compass Land Consultants, Inc.

I enjoy studying and understanding each tract of land.  I pride myself on my ability to understand unique markets and ensure you find the right property.  Let me use my experience to help your real estate dreams become reality!


I joined CLC in June of 2021, and I am delighted to be a part of an excellent team of land appraisal professions and real estate agents.  I have over nine years of experience serving as an Administrative Assistant and Transaction Coordinator in the real estate industry.  In that role, I provided excellent customer service, title ordering, information gathering and verification, as well as following and keeping all real estate transactions in order from the date of listing to closing day. 

My husband, Dale, and I have three children, Jade, Geena, and Aaron, and live in Tomahawk.  Outside of my work profession, I enjoy spending time with my family, water skiing, boating, scrapbooking, reading, and relaxing by the campfire; you will also see me out enjoying the various sports that our children are actively involved in. 

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